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the challenge
Kaydoh was looking for a way to improve interaction between real estate agents and their buyers/clients. They noticed that there was a need to provide real estate agents that has a better way to communicate with their potential clients/buyers.
the solution
Lanex created an SMS tool where clients can contact real estate agents to inquire about house and/or lot availabilities, prices, and other information. The SMS tool has an integrated bot that would respond to client inquiries based on a specified/dynamic response.
Implemented Features
SMS interface
Instant Text CMA Reports
Enables auto response to client/buyer inquiries. Bots can be used to gather basic information from the client like name, email, and if they are willing to buy or sell a real estate. It would automatically assess the client's questions and respond to them accordingly. The bot helps agents off load the work of basic communication with clients.

Lead capturing
The system provides agents the ability to quickly filter out clients/buyers based on their interests and then send them follow-up questions or messages. This would improve turnaround time for agents to process requirements to cater to client needs.


Technologies Used


Management Technologies
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