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Borderless, but rooted in our cultures
From Japan to Cebu, the US & Australia. We are diverse but connected through technology.
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Lanex Corporation was established in Sendai, Japan, in 1993 and has been a certified Microsoft Solution Providers since 1995. After acquiring the PrivacyMark in 2009, the company opened its Tokyo branch in 2013. Lanex also established a branch in Cebu in 2015 and then expanded their business in the U.S. and Australia, aiming for further borderless growth of the company.
In this rapidly changing world, Lanex has not only provided its clients with sincere and full support in order to resolve their problems and issues, but also has provided them with the best and legit solutions by analyzing the the crux of the matter as an industry expert for over 25 years.
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Founded by engineers

CEO and President at LANEX Corporation Japan

Takayuki Kobayashi

Vice President at LANEX Corporation Japan

Wayne Steven Wing

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